Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Business English Lesson - Swot Analysis

This is the second in a mini series of Business English Lessons I gave to my high level students. It is taken from my text book so I am unable to share the whole lesson, however there are many ideas and activities you could use in your own lesson. The lesson is about SWOT analysis, which is a tool that businesses use to analyse business ideas. The lesson has the students looking at a couple of examples of SWOT analysis, before making their own for different products.

First show the students the topic and ask if any of the students know what a SWOT analysis is or even what it stands for. Assuming the students don't know what it means show the next slide and go through each letter in SWOT and explain each word.

The students then had to look at a SWOT analysis in the book and decide if the business idea is a good/bad idea and give reasons for their choice. While I can't share the example from my book their are many examples of SWOT analysis on the internet, including here.

In the next activity I show the students a PPT slide with many strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities to do with the iPod. The students should put each sentence into the correct category. I then show them a real SWOT analysis for the iPod and they can compare results.

For the next activity I show the students interesting business ideas. They then work in groups to make a SWOT analysis for each one.

In the final activity the students have to think of their own product/business idea, make a SWOT analysis and then present it to the class.

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