Thursday, 10 April 2014

Role Models and Icons ESL Activities

This isn't one lesson so much as a collection of activities I have used over the topic of role models and icons. Throughout this subject there are plenty of chances to involve all your student's favourite celebrities and famous people, which invariably gets them excited about the lesson!

Introduction: What Makes a Role Model?
In this activity simply ask the groups to consider what makes someone a role model and finish the sentence 'A role model is a person who...........'. The groups should then present their answers to the class. 

This is a quote from Magic Johnson about Heros. I changed the word hero to role model to suit my class, I don't think it makes much difference to the content.

“I believe in the power of heroes. What is a hero? There are as many different answers to that question as there are people in the world, and that’s a good thing: we need different kinds of role models for different kinds of people. I personally think a hero is a leader who has a positive impact on people. A hero is someone who acts and through those actions changes the world.” -- Magic Johnson

Ask the students to read this text and ask them questions about it. For example: What is Magic Johnson's definition of a role model? Do you agree with it? What is your definition of a role model?

I found this quote here. There are also a couple of other intersting activities/things to think about on the website.

Icons Guessing Game.
This is an activity I have also used in other lessons about famous people, except this time I called the celebrities 'icons' instead of 'famous people'. The students just read the biography of the icon and choose 4 facts about the person. They then present this to class and the other students have to guess who it is. Read the full lesson plan here.

Role Models Survey.
In this activity the students simply have to choose their role model and write down two reasons that the person is their role model. The students should then ask each other who their role models are and write down each other's answer. When they are finished the students can select some of the most popular role models and discuss why they think they are so popular.

Around the Web.
Role Models ESL lesson. This link has a good lesson on role models including a great activity where students have to look at pictures of celebrities and decide if they think the people are good or bad role models.

The Hero Project Lesson Plan. Not actually an ESL lesson but nonetheless has some good discussion points.

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