Friday, 10 January 2014

Great Video Resources for ESL Sports Lessons.

Sports is a topic that ESL students love, and also a topic that I love to teach! This is a list of some useful video resources that you can use in your sports lessons. I have also included a few links to some lessons where I have used these videos so you can get an idea of how they can be used in your class.

It's been really quiet at school since since December, and what with exams, post exams, vacations and elementary school holiday camps I have not had a chance to discover many resources for high school lessons. However whilst planning an elementary school vacation camp I discovered this Youtube channel which I think would be great for sports lessons whatever the ages of the students. It is the official Olympics channel and here is the link. If you go onto the videos section of their page and search for the sport you want followed by 'highlights', you can find great quality short highlights(usually with English commentary) for all Olympic events. I'm sure you could think of many uses for these videos, but so far I have used the videos for predictions and superlatives.

Another video channel that can be used to get the students interested in sports and your lesson is the Guardian's 'Amazing World of Sport' channel. As the name suggests it shows amazing things from the world of sport. Just to give you an idea of what to expect the titles of the latest three videos at the time of writing are; Cricketers Play Football Wearing Giant Bubble (actually hilarious), Surrey Residents Wakeboard Along Country Lane and Spectacular Overhead Futsal Goal From Own Half. I have used these videos in this sports quiz lesson and like the Olympic highlights videos their length and quality make them perfect for a variety of uses in class.

The final resource I will share is this Nike advert. I have actually planned a whole lesson on it here with lots of different activities, but it also works incredibly well as an introduction to any sports lesson. It features about 12 different sports, lots of famous atheltets and is generally just a great short video. I have watched it so many times in so many different lessons but I never get bored of using it and the students are always transfixed by it and super motivated for the rest of the lesson.

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