Friday, 29 November 2013

World's Ugliest Animals ESL Lesson

My students had a lot of fun seeing and cringing at the pictures of the world's ugliest animals in this lesson plan. The grammar points are very simple so lower level students should have no problems with understanding the lesson. In the reading activity my low level students seemed quite stunned by the length of the text, but when they took their time to read it they could understand the important bits very easily.


To learn the names of animal categories in English.
To practice reading.
To practice using simple sentences in a natural way.

Activity One.
Introduce the names of the different types of animal category and ask the students to tell you the names of animals in each category. Go through the questions on the worksheet to make sure the students understand them and then show the slide with the article on it. Ask the students to answer the questions using the article. Ask the students the answer to the questions. (15 minutes)

Activity Two.
Go too the next slide and ask the students to read the sentences. Check they understand everything. Go to the next slide and ask the students to fill in the sentences about the animal in the picture in their worksheet. Ask a few students to tell you the answer to the question. Repeat this with each slide. (20 minutes)

Activity Three.
Play a game of 21 questions. Show the students the example questions on the next slide and check their understanding of the questions. Split the class into groups and ask one person from the front group to come to the front and think of an animal. Ask a student from each group to ask the person a question that can be answered yes or no that can be used ot find out the animal that they have though of. Rotate through the groups until someone guesses the correct animal. (10 minutes)


  1. I really appreciate all your lessons, tips, and materials you took the time to make available! Great work and thanks a bunch :)

    A new ESL teacher :/

  2. Hello! I wanted to say thank you for your post. This lesson came in handy as a last minute change. My students were into the ugly animals. Thank you for all your hard work!


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