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Nike Just Do It Possibilities High School ESL Lesson.

This is a lesson based on the new (and FANTASTIC) Nike advert celebrating 25 years of the Just Do It slogan. Because this video is so great, in fact one of the best videos I have ever seen for using in class, I have used it in as many lessons as possible. Over the last few weeks I have used it in lessons about hobbies, sports and the past tense and I am pretty sure it could be used in many other topics. However for my high level high school I decided to dedicate a lesson solely to the advert. Most of my students are basketball/soccer mad boys so they were 100% motivated throughout the lesson and even asked to watch the advert again at the end of the lesson. Here is what I did.

To practice using the internet in English.
To practice listening to natural English.

Just Do It Possibilities Video.

Part one.
Show the students the phrases on the first slide and tell them that all the phrases are related to sports. Put the students into groups of 4/5 and ask them to discuss what they think the phrases mean. Give them 5 minutes then ask each group to share their answers with the class. Show the students the video and ask them to listen out for the phrases and try to guess their real meanings. If the students didn't hear a phrase or weren't able to guess the correct answer go to the point in the video and ask them again. If they still don't get it give them clues until they do! (10 mins)

Part Two
The second part of the lesson is an internet hunt. My classroom is lucky enough to have a computer for each group, but if you don't you could always go into the library or a computer room. (I also have an alternative activity at the bottom of the page) Show the students the questions and check their understanding of the questions, then ask the students to use English language websites to find the answers. (30mins)

The answers are:
1. Lebron James, Serena Williams, Gerard Pique, Jon Jones(MMA), Andre Ward(Boxer)
2. Chris Pine
3. Bradley Cooper
4. The Kills-Future Starts Slow
5. Bull, Hippo.
6. Running, BMX, Rodeo, Dancing, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Wrestling, MMA(only in the gym), Boxing, Basketball.

Part Three
The final part of the lesson is a listening exercise. Show the slide on the PPT and check the students understanding of the questions. Play the video then ask the students to gather all the answers in their group. Ask each group what the answers were. Finally watch the video again to check the students answers. (10 mins)

The answers are:

Run: Race, marathon.
Ride: That thing, bull, tougher bull
Move: Legs, feet, ball
Fight(pick on): Someone your own size, someone twice your size, him
Beat: Champ, her mentor, Serena, him, street court legend, that guy.

Part Four (Alternative Activity)
I have included an alternative activity to activity two as I imagine that lot's of classrooms wont have access to computers. For this activity again split your class into groups of 4/5 and ask each group to think of a sport, a sportsman, an animal and a movie star. Each group should then swap these with a different group. The groups should then make up a story for an advert for a sports company using these characters. After 20 minutes split the groups up and make new groups, putting one student from each old group into the new groups. The students should then tell their stories to their new group. (30mins)

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