Wednesday, 18 September 2013

World Festivals Advanced English Lesson Plan

I did this lesson as part of a mini vacation curriculum with my advanced level class. I was surprised as my high level class was able to guess all the festivals without me getting to the final clue. I was very impressed! I also adapted it for my lower level class by changing some word of the words in the word grid, and by giving the students the sentence structure to use when answering the conversation questions. By doing this you could also potentially do this class in a middle school lesson, although middle school students may not be as familiar with the festivals.

Lesson Objective.
To be able to speak about festivals the students have been to.
To be able to use a range of vocab relating to festivals.

World Festivals PPT

Activity one.
The first activity is a mini quiz to get the students thinking about festivals. Show the clues one at a time and see if anyone can guess the festival. (10 minutes)

Activity two.
Word grid game. First show the grid on the next slide to the class, go through each word to make sure the students know what they all mean, Then put the students in groups of two and hand each pair a printout of the word grid. The students then have to make sentences using the words, marking the words when they use them with either O or X. The first person to use all the words wins. Also the words in the grid are at a level suitable for my class, you will maybe have to change the words so they are at an appropriate level for your classes. (15 minutes)

Activity three.
In their pairs the students should then ask and answer the questions on the board. Tell the class that in 15 minutes each pair will have to present their partners answers to the class. (25 minutes)

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