Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Simple Vacation ESL lesson

This is a very simple lesson that you can use post vacation that gets all the students speaking and most importantly doesn't involve writing a ' My Vacation' diary! The students also really loved trying to guess things about their classmates in the last activity. I would advise changing the first activity to things that your students are likely to have done over vacation or it could be over very quickly. This lesson will also segue nicely into my next two lessons to form a mini vacation/travel inspired curriculum.

To talk about what the students did on vacation. 
To practice the past tense.


Activity 1
Ask the students to read through the activities on the PowerPoint. Ask the students to walk around and find someone who did each activity. (15 minutes)

Activity 2
Show the questions on the next slide and check that the students know what each question means. Ask them if anyone knows how to correctly answer the questions and write the sentence structure on the board. (15 minutes)

Activity 3
Put the students into groups/teams (I make 4 teams of 6). The first group should choose one person from their group, and the other teams have to guess what the person wrote down for each question. Give them 3 minutes then ask each group for their answers. Give one point for each correct answer. (25 minutes)


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