Monday, 9 September 2013

Middle School Sherlock Holmes ESL lesson

Hopefully your students will have more fun than these two..

This is a middle school esl lesson I did during an England themed summer camp. For the other lessons in the series please go here. The lesson teaches the phrase 'How many .... are there?' and 'There are ..........' and it is Sherlock Holmes themed. The lesson has lot's of activities testing the students problem solving and observation abilities and they really enjoyed it.

To learn the phrases 'How many ... are there?' 'There are ..............'


Activity 1
Introduce the key phrases on the first few ppt slides. (5 minutes)

Activity 2
Hand out the code breaker worksheet and show the codes on the next slide. I didn't tell them which solution went with which code, but you could if they really struggled. For reference the codes are:
1.  Brazil are the best at football A=B, B=C C=D etc.
2. There are four Pencils. No vowels.
3. Match up the hangeul (korean letter) to the English letter on the keyboard. 
4. Stonehenge is 4000 years old. (15 minutes)

Activity 3
For the next activity show the students the questions on the slides and ask them to watch the Sherlock Holmes trailer to find the answers. (15 minutes)

Activity 3
For the final activity split the group into teams, then show them the next slide. They have to answer the questions correctly as quickly as possible. The first team to answer all the questions wins. (10 minutes).

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