Friday, 27 September 2013

Middle School Past Tense ESL Review Lesson

This is a really fun lesson for middle school students to review the past tense. The three videos I use get the students really excited and allow them to use a high number of past tense verbs they are likely to know. The introducing vocab part of the lesson is based on my textbook but it includes really common/basic verbs so I'm sure it would work in most classes. Alternatively you could add the verbs that are used in your textbook to the PPT.

Lesson Objective.
To review how to use the past tense.

Past tense PPT.

Activity one.
First show the first slide on the PPT and check the students know how to make the past tense of the verbs. For the next activity choose a time period in the past (last night, the weekend, during vacation) and ask the students to write down as many activities as the can think of that they did during that time period. After 5 minutes the students should walk around asking each other what they did and writing down any new answers. The aim of the game here is to find as many new answers as possible. (10 minutes)

Activity two.
Go through the slides teaching/reviewing the vocab with the students. (10 minutes)

Activity three.
In the final activity show the students the videos on the slide, ask them to write down as many past tense sentences as they can, about things the people in the video did. When the video finishes ask them what they wrote down, then slowly go through the videos stopping on each activity and asking the students what is happening. (25 minutes)

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