Tuesday, 25 June 2013

High School ESL- Renewable Energy Lesson

This is a speaking focused advanced high school ESL lesson plan with the theme renewable energy. It worked really well at my science focused high school and as it is quite an interesting topic I'm sure it would work well in any advanced class. If you use this lesson I would love to know how it goes, so please leave a comment!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

High School Lesson Plan - Heroes! Storytelling lesson

I'm really excited to share this lesson plan as it really got all the students speaking, and more importantly, excited to be speaking. It is quite a high level lesson plan although I think you could easily change some of the key words and include more structure to the key phrases to make it a little easier. The idea came from this website and the lesson Brave Pensioner Foils Raid on Jewellery Store. Also the video I have included is well worth watching even if you don't choose to do the lesson. Incredible stuff!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Low Level High School ESL Lesson Plan - Superlatives

This is a low level high school lesson on superlatives that is great for classes that struggle to stay motivated during English. The interactive and competitive element of the main activity mean the whole class gets really involved in cheering for their team, leading to a great classroom atmosphere. I have also previously done this lesson with middle school students and whilst it worked really well with them, I was a little worried the high school students might be to shy/cool for some of the activities. However they all got really involved in everything and it has ended up being one of my most fun lessons.  

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

High School ESL Lesson Plan - Modern Technology and GoogleGlass

I have just finished doing this lesson on technology for my open class and it went really well. It is great for higher level students and has a good mix of reading, writing, listening and speaking. It's also a topic the students are really interested in and they got very excited during the GoogleGlass video.

Students will be able to talk about the features and the pros and cons of modern technology.
Students will learn vocabulary relating to modern technology.

Key Expressions:
This technology’s key feature is ….
The positives/ negatives about this technology are that ….
Problems could arise because ….

Handout about the new (and old) technologies.

Activity one.
Introduce the vocab and make sure the students understand it. Introduce the key phrases and ask students to make sentences using the phrases. Ask the class to read the phrases with the information about 3D printers (5 minutes).

Activity two.
Show the class the promotional video for GoogleGlass and ask them to think about the key phrases. Give them 5 minutes to discuss GoogleGlass with their friends using the key phrases then ask them their ideas. Make sure you tell the students you will be asking them to share their ideas after 5 minutes so they actually do the activity! (10 minutes)

Activity three.
Split the class into four groups and hand out three of the pieces of information about technology to each group. Ask them to come up with endings to the key phrases for each piece of technology. Tell the students they can use information from the paper or their own knowledge of the product (15 minutes).

Activity four.
Play a guessing game. Ask someone from the first group to read out their first clue. The other groups have to guess what the technology is. If they guess the answer after 1 clue their group gets 4 points, 2 clues is 3 points, 3 clues is 2 points and 4 clues is 1 point. Then move onto the next group. When a team knows the answer I ask them to put their hand up and write it down a whiteboard (although you could use paper), this means the other teams don't hear the answer so they can carry on playing. At the end the team with the most points wins.

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