Tuesday, 14 May 2013

ESL lesson plan - A Question of Sport Quiz

This is a sports quiz ESL lesson based on the tv show A Question of Sport. My students loved it and it the theme was perfect as sports day is just around the corner. Most of the questions are pretty general but a few are aimed at Korean students, so if you teach in a different country you should change them to something that fits sports they like.

Lesson aim.
To review sports vocabulary. To practise talking about sports

50 minutes

What you need.
Quiz presentation.
Quiz questions.
What happened next videos.

What to do.
Activity one. (Introduction)
First put the class into four groups and go through the games rules on the PPT. Then start the picture round. Basic instructions for the students are in the PowerPoint are in the PowerPoint but here is a more detailed explanation. You should ask one team at a time a question from the list, if they answer correctly they can choose to remove a square from the picture. Once they have removed a square allow them to have one guess as to who the person behind the boxes is. If they answer correctly give them 3 points, if not go to the next team. A team can only answer who they think is behind the boxes when it is their turn   (15 minutes)

Activity two.
Observation round. Show the first team the first video, make sure you then close the window and ask them the three questions on the sheet. If they answer incorrectly I then pass it to the next team along. repeat with all 4 videos. (10 minutes)

Activity three.
What happened next. Show the first video to the class, then shown them the options and make them guess what happens next. Show them the video of the answer and give all the teams that answered correctly 2 points. Repeat with all the videos. (15 minutes)

Activity four.
On the buzzer. Ask the group the first on the buzzer question. The students should raise their hand when the know the answer. Choose the first student to raise their hand. If they answer the question correctly give them 3 points and ask their team the next three questions, each worth one point. Repeat with the next set of on the buzzer questions. (10 minutes)

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