Thursday, 9 May 2013

ESL lesson plan - adverts

This is a conversation based lesson that contains plenty of videos to get the students talking. I have done it with a few different classes and found this to be the most fun and interesting way to teach the students about adverts.

Lesson aim.
To learn vocabulary related to advertising. To be able to talk about adverts.

50 minutes

What you need.
Adverts presentation. (To watch the adverts just click on the link in the ppt) 
Internet connection.

What to do.
Activity one. (Introduction)
Show the first slide and ask the students to read the sentences. In groups ask them to try and guess the meanings of the highlighted words. Check they are guessing correctly and then finally tell them what the words mean. (10 minutes)

Activity two.
Put the students into pairs with one of the students facing away from the screen. Play the first advert and while it is playing the student facing the screen should explain to the student what is happening (in English). Then show the next slide with the stills from 3 adverts on it and ask them to guess which one they had described to them. Finally show the students the questions on the next page and ask them to discuss it in their groups. Repeat this with all three adverts. (20 minutes)

Activity three.

Show the next advert. You should make sure you start and finish the advert at the times shown in the slides so as not to give the answer away. The students should then guess what they think the advert is advertising and answer the questions on the slide. Then ask the students to tell the class about what they think the product is advertising. (10 minutes)

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