Tuesday, 9 April 2013

High School ESL Lesson Plan - The worlds most typical person

I have just finished this lesson and the students were really into it, it lasted for two 50 minute lessons. I got the idea and a couple of the activities from this great website www.designerlessons.org. With just a couple of adjustments depending on your class size this lesson should be ready to go.

Lesson aim.
To improve conversation and presentation skills. To review comparisons and to practice backing up a statement with a reason.

50 minutes x 2

What you need.
The most typical person presentation.
The most typical person national geographic video.
People profiles for second activity.
People profiles for the game.

What to do.
Activity one. (Lesson 1)
Ask the students to read the lesson title and check they understand typical. Show the next slide and ask the students to read the questions. Spit the class into groups and ask them to think of an answer to each question and a reason for their answer. Then ask each group to present their answers too the class. I make sure a different student reads each answer.  (20 minutes)

Activity two.
For the next activity I made lot's of different people profiles, this is supposed to represent everyone in the world. The students will have to gather all the information on the profiles to find out the answers to the questions from activity one. They will do this by going around the class and asking each other questions. I then ask each group to present their findings.  (25 minutes)

Activity three.
I then show the national geographic video with all the correct answers. The students can then see how close their guesses from the first activity were and also they can see who was correct in the second activity. (5 minutes)

Activity four (Lesson 2).
Continuing from the previous lesson I showed the national geographic video again. I then showed the next slide in the presentation with the comparison sentence structures on it and asked the students to compare themselves to the average person. I then asked some of the students to present what they found to the class. (20 minutes)

Activity 5. 
This is a variation of the card game mafia, except instead of trying to find the murderer the students are trying to find the typical person. First print and cut out the profile cards I have attached and,  in their groups, give one to each student. One person in each group will receive the typical person card. The rest of the group has to find out who received this card by asking each other questions. The person with the typical person card has to lie about which card they received so people do not think it is them. When the students in the group think they know who has the card they should eliminate that person. If they are correct then  deal the cards again but if they chose the wrong person the game continues until either they choose the correct person or the typical person manages to deceive the group and become the last man standing. (30 minutes)

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