Tuesday, 9 April 2013

High School ESL Lesson Plan - Personality Test.

This is a low level lesson I have designed around this fantastic Prezzie presentation by Harriet Smith. It is ready to go using just the Prezzie and some paper.

Lesson aim.
To learn words that can be used to describe personality.

50 minutes

What you need.
What Kind of Person are You? presentation by Harriet Smith.

What to do.
Activity one.
Introduce the lesson title. Check they know the meaning of 'kind' in this sentence and then ask if anyone can answer the question. Then give the students  three minutes to write down as many words as they can that can be used to describe personality. At the end find out who has the most words and ask them to read out their words and tell the class the meanings. Go to the next slide and ask the students to read the words, you should then explain any words they do not understand. (10 minutes)

Activity two.
Next do the personality test, give the students 5 minutes to draw a pig. Then go through results and ask each student to write their results down in the form 'I am ..........' (15 minutes)

Activity three.
Split the class into groups and tell them to put all the drawings and descriptions into the middle of the table. One at a time someone from each group should read out someone's description. The students in the other groups then have to guess who the person being described is. The team with the most points at the end wins. (20 minutes)

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