Monday, 8 April 2013

High School ESL Lesson Plan - Events that Changed the World

Here is my third lesson titled Events that Changed the World. This lesson has worked really well with both high and low levels and easily lasted two lessons. It should also be ready to use without any further preparation.

Lesson aim.
To encourage the students to use more complex English. To teach them how to analyse events using English.

50 minutes x 2

What you need.
Events that Changed the World Presentation.

What to do.
Activity one.
Introduce the lesson title and check they understand it. Show the second slide 'What was an Important day for you?' and ask the students to think of questions they could ask someone about their most important day. For example: When was it? Who where you with? etc. Then put the students into pairs and tell them to think of their most important day and ask each other the questions the class thought up. At the end ask some students to present their partners perfect day. For Example: This is my friend Miroo, her most important day was her 10th Birthday. It was important because she.. (20 minutes)

Activity two.
Tell the students that you will show them some important world events, show the next slide and make sure they understand what each question means. Introduce the first event one clue at a time and ask the students to guess  what the event was. Ask them to read the information about the event then split the class into four groups and assign each group a question to think about. Give them some time to think about the question then ask each group to tell the class what they think. Repeat this for each event. (60 minutes)

Activity three.
Ask each group to think of a world event that they think was important and discuss and answer each question. Then tell them to introduce their chosen event to the class. (20 minutes)

Download presentation here.

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