Friday, 5 April 2013

High School ESL lesson plan - Famous People Biographies

Hello English teachers! This is the second lesson plan I used with my classes. It is one of my favourite lessons and it worked really well with both high and low level high school classes, with only some minor adjustments needed.
This lesson is actually 100% good to be used straight from the materials provided on this site.

Lesson aim.
To teach the students how to pick out important information from a text. To improve the students reading ability and confidence speaking in front of others.

50 minutes

What you need.
Who Am I presentation.
Printouts of famous people introductions

What to do.
Activity one.
First to remind the students of the topic, ask them questions about you from the previous lesson. (3 minutes)

Activity two.
Go though the Presentation showing each clue one at a time. Ask the students to raise their hand when they know who the famous person is. (5 minutes)

Activity three.
Hand out the printouts with the celebrity introductions on them. Ask the students to choose 4 facts about the celebrity and write them down in order of how easy it is to guess the person. Ask them to write the facts down in the form 'I am ...' (15 minutes)

Activity four.
Split the class into four groups. Ask one group to read out the first of their biographies. The other groups should write down their answer on a whiteboard and raise their hand when they know the answer. You should check if it is right or not. Keep going until all the teams have an answer. If the students answered correctly after 1 question give them 4 points, after 2 questions 3 points etc.. (27 minutes)

*I used introductions from for my high level class. I used the biographies of Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods, Annne Frank, Sharapova, Mozart, Queen Elizabeth 2, David Beckam, Ban Ki Moon, Lady GaGa, Will Smith, Obama, J.K Rowling
For my low level classes I used this word document
The answers to the Who Am I game are 1. Nelson Mandela 2. Psy 3. Adele 4. Ronaldo. Most of my classes knew every one.

Download presentation here



  1. Brilliant lesson, thanks a lot. Just one minor correction to be made on your powerpoint. "I was my country's* first black president"

  2. Thanks for the ideas and materials!


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