Monday, 29 April 2013

ESL lesson plan - Movie reviews

This is a low level high school ESL lesson that could also be easily used in an advanced middle school class. All my students recognized the films although most of them needed help with the actors names. The key phrases don't allow for much sentence expansion, although any high level students could expand a bit on the final question.

Lesson aim.
To be able to write a movie review. To be able to talk about movies. To learn the names of movie genres.

50 minutes

What you need.
Movie Review presentation. (To watch the movie trailer just click on the number in the corner of the slide)
Movie review worksheet
Internet connection.

What to do.
Activity one. (Introduction)
This is the first two slides of the presentation. Explain to the students what genre means and ask if they know any in English, explain to the students what the genres on the slide are. Check the students understanding by asking them to name films in that genre and by asking how films from a certain genre make them feel. Next explain what a movie review is and ask the students what they would normally read about in a movie review (7 minutes)

Activity two.
Introduce the four key phrases and check the students understanding. Show the first trailer then ask the students the key phrases, ask the students to get into pairs and ask and answer the questions. Do this with all four slides. (20 minutes)

Activity three.

Ask the students to review their favourite movie. They should do this by answering the four key phrases on their worksheet. (10 minutes)

Activity four 
Put the students into teams, one at a time one person from each team should read their movie review. The other teams should try and guess what the movie is. (13 minutes)

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